Bonus Content: Epilogue

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“For the longest time I debated whether to include this most critical twenty pages at the end of Called To Swim or if it were better suited as the introduction to the new book, Brighter And Brighter (coming). In the end, style, content and presentation differences to both books dictated neither was the right answer. I see it now as a bridge between the works. In any case, it may be best to read this Epilogue after reading Called To Swim. May it bless your life!”


Soon after beginning this writing project, I received counsel to “not preach” or even “interpret” my experiences for the reader. I was pointedly reminded that this was a memoir, not a fireside. “Just tell the story in enough detail to allow the reader to experience it for themselves. Let them take away whatever messages they will.” To effect this vicarious experience, I was also told to never refer to the audience or reader, ever, because to do so would snap them out of that proxy adventure.

While I have tried to be faithful to that guidance, I have looked forward to writing this Epilogue, to reinsert the personal meaning. Here, I can finally write the things of my soul, words I feel compelled to share. I need to testify of my Savior, Jesus Christ, in unmistakable terms and give Him the glory. I am also recovery-bound to share the “preaching” that was clipped out or omitted along the way, in the hope that it might help others who may be struggling with addiction, sin, feelings of hopelessness, self-defeat, or who want to trust a loved one completely for the first time in a long time.

I want to share all this with you. In these final pages, I can finally tell you how I feel about the Call To Swim, my recovery and what I hope this book might mean for you.     (Continued)